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Sky's The Limit

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Date City Venue Country
01/12/22 Ostrava Central Square Czech Republic
04/12/22 Jaworzno VOŁOSI & Orkiestra Kameralna Archetti Poland
10/01/23 Łódź Filharmonia Łódzka im. Artura Rubinsteina Poland
23/03/23 Heilbronn Nikolai Kirche Germany
24/03/23 Rödermark / Frankfurt TBA Germany
25/03/23 Ilsfeld Werkstattkultur Klee 4 Germany
12/04/24 Mühlhausen-Heidelberg TBA Germany

“To listen to and to watch VOLOSI is like being in a spell. They are simply dazzling.” 

Jun-Lin Yeoh, Artistic Director of Rainforest World Music Festival 

VOŁOSI by exceeding the limits of string instruments achieved something unique, growing out of Carpathian roots, yet modern, powerful and emotional.

VOŁOSI story began in 2010 when violinist Krzysztof Lasoń and cellist Stanisław Lasoń met incredibly talented traditional performers deep in the heart of Carpathian Mountains. During all these years VOŁOSI created their genuine style, which defies definition: dynamic, full of passion and very sophisticated it the same time.

They performed more than 700 concerts in 34 countries all around the world, being hosted by the most prestigious festivals and venues: Wiener Konzerthaus (Austria), Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia), Sori Festival (South Korea), City Theater of Brugge (Belgium), Gala of Stockholm Water Prize (Sweden), Hamamatsu World Music Festival (Japan), CaixaForum (Spain), Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Urkult (Sweden), Mission Folk Music Festival (Canada), TFF Rudolstadt (Germany), Shenzhen Music Festival (China), Dranouter (Belgium), O.Z.O.R.A. (Hungary), The Opening Gala of WOMEX 2017 (Poland), Universo Assisi (Italy), United Islands (Czech Republic), Glatt&Verkehrt (Austria), Arts Festival of North Norway, Songlines Encounters (UK), WOMAD (UK).They won Grand Prix at New Tradition Festival, Czech Music Crossroads Festival and Svetozar Stracina EBU Festival for the Best European World Music Composition 2011.

VOŁOSI performed during WOMEX 2014 and at WOMEX 2017 opening ceremony, at Stockholm Water Prize Gala for King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, for the heads of states of Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Israel. Their CD with Felix Lajko became 2nd place at World Music Charts Europe, 1st place at Balkan World Music Chart and a title of “Songlines Best Album 2019”.

Their concerts have been broadcasted by the Polish Radio 2. and 3., the BBC, WDR3, Ö1 and Korean MBC.

“VOLOSI is one of the most exciting, dynamic new bands

on the contemporary scene.” 

Gerald Seligman, WOMEX