Sky's The Limit

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A Closer Look

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Date City Venue Country
14/11/21 Warszawa TBA Poland
21/11/21 Dubai EXPO United Arab Emirates
26/11/21 Kavala Cosmopolis Festival Greece
30/11/21 Wien closed event Austria
08/01/22 Rödermark Alternatives Zentrum Kelterscheune Germany
18/02/22 Mühlhausen-Kraichgau Bürgerhaus Mühlhausen Germany
10/03/22 Weinstadt-Beutelsbach Stiftskeller Germany
30/04/22 Ingolstadt Kulturzentrum neun Germany
01/05/22 Herdwangen-Schönach Lebens-und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lautenbach Germany
02/05/22 Allensbach am Bodensee Evangelische Gnadenskirche auf dem Höhrenberg Germany
21/05/22 London Kings Place United Kingdom
26/05/22 Łomża TBA Poland
14/09/22 Burgwedel Amtshof Germany

 “VOŁOSI are a revelation – their compelling performance energy transcends musical and geographical boundaries to create a completely irresistible combination. I defy you not to love them!”
Mary Ann Kennedy, BBC

The VOŁOSI’s debut in 2010 at the ‘New Tradition’ Festival yielded all possible awards. In 2011 they confirmed their success by winning Grand Prix Svetozar Stracina for the best piece in the ‘world music’ category in Europe, in the contest organized by the European Broadcasting Union. In 2012 their first album entered the special World Charts Europe TOP20 selection. Since than VOŁOSI have constantly been on tour. All over the world they meet with spontaneous enthusiasm of the audience, and gain very positive critics’ reviews. Their concerts have been broadcasted by the 2 and 3 Programs of the Polish Radio, the BBC and the German WDR3.

The critics universally agree that VOŁOSI have managed to achieve a unique and original musical style, escaping categorization. By exceeding the limits of string instruments they create music that can be described as thoroughly modern and attractive for contemporary listener – growing out of the Carpathian roots, but also bearing marks of jazz improvisation charged with rock energy and full swing of emotional content. 

This phenomenon brings VOŁOSI praise among big rock festival audiences, as well as highly prestigious concert hall attenders, world music lovers and royal family members.


TFF Rudolstadt, Songlines Encounters in London, Berlinale, United Islands in Prague, Urkult, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Colours of Ostrava, WOMEX Santiago de Compostela, Stockholm Water Prize, EBU Festival in Opatia, Traversees de Tatihou, Cross Culture in Warsaw, ArtPole in Ukraine, ArtGene in Tbilisi, Polish Colours, Two Riversides, Spoiwa Kultury, FolkBaltica in Flensburg, ArtZona in Tbilisi, Globaltica World Cultures Festival, Folk Holidays, Ancient Trance Festival, Szczecin Tenis Festival, Transkaukazja, One Caucasus, Musicalia in Stosdorf, Bronislaw Huberman Festival, Elvermose Koncerter, Ethno Jazz Festival, AUKSO Summer Academy




“The music of VOŁOSI is inimitable and incomparable. It is a great achievement nowadays to create something uniquely fresh and original”

Musical Cracow